Every donation is tax-deductible and supports Heidi’s Village, a 501c(3) animal welfare organization in Phoenix, Arizona.


Looking to leave your pawprints on the Heidi’s Village initiative? These opportunities are great gifts that support the mission of Heidi’s Village to foster a community where animals are treated with respect, dignity and compassion.

GIFTS $1,000 to $50,000


Cat Kennel – single (TBD total)

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Dog Kennel – single (264 total)

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-Grooming/Spa Center
-North Dog Walk Path
-South Dog Walk Path
-Interactive Cat Landscaping (2 total)
-Outdoor Patio
-Adoption Seating Area

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-Vet Clinic- Dog Waiting Room
-Vet Clinic- Cat Waiting Room
-Cat Exam Room (2 available)
-Dog Exam Room (2 available)
-Indoor Community Cat Suite (4 available)
-Outdoor Cat Play Yard – Adoptions(1 available)
-Outdoor Cat Play Yard – Village (4 available)
-Veterinary Office
-Surgery Table (3 available)
-Surgery Prep Island (2 available)
-Dog Play Yard (24 available)

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MAJOR GIFTS: $50,000 to $1,000,000

Administrative Building sponsored by William and Marjorie Chapman

Landscape and Gardens sponsored by Bruce and Janis Merrill

Surgery Recovery Rooms (3 available)
Surgical Pack Prep Area
Animal Arrivals
Long Street in Village (2 available)
Short Street in village (2 available)

Work Space in Dog Quad
One Dog Ward (24 available)
Retail Store Area

Surgery Room
Treatment Room
Neonate Kitten Nursery
Training Room
Cat Adoption Center

Play Pool
Veterinary Clinic
Each Dog building -Dog Quad (6 available)
Each Cat building (2 available)
Digital X-Ray room

For additional questions click HERE to email Ellen now or call Heidi’s Village at (602)300-4328